I am currently using the lavender jojoba cleanser. I have always had decent skin, dry, but minimal breakouts. However, this year I experienced cystic acne, which left extensive scarring and uneven skin tone. I have been battling for months trying to find something to help repair the damage. I’ve used expensive cleansers, cheap cleansers, “gentle” and harsh cleansers. Nothing has helped me. Until I tried the jojoba cleanser. Every night before I go to bed, I use the cleanser with a warm, damp cloth and it wipes every trace of makeup from my face. I can’t say the other cleansers have done that before. I then follow up with the rejuvenating serum. The absolute difference this has made is absolutely amazing!! 3 weeks in and my scaring has reduced, skin tone is starting to even out and my skin is left feeling smooth and clean. I will never use the harsh store bought cleansers again. This is an amazing product and it’s natural, all natural. Love it!!