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Oil Cleansing

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing has been used around the world to cleanse the body for centuries. In fact, oil cleansing was used long before the industrialization of soap in the early 1900’s. Ancient Romans are a great example of how oil was used to cleanse. The Romans would rub oil into their skin and then remove the oil along with any dirt with a strigil (body cleansing tool).

Oil cleansing is a natural skin care solution that will leave your skin looking and feeling wonderful. It will not strip your skin of the oils it requires to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Healthy skin is protected by environmental factors such as harsh chemicals, bacteria and pollutants.

One method to help prevent premature aging and irritable skin conditions is through oil cleansing. Oil cleansing enables us to effectively remove dirt, environmental factors such as pollution and make-up from our skin. The cleansing oil binds with the dirty oils on our skin and is gently lifted away with a warm damp cloth. The result is refreshed and clean skin that is not stripped of its natural oils and protective barrier.

Obtaining or maintaining healthy skin does not have to be a complicated process. Following an oil cleansing routine will greatly improve your skin’s appearance and texture while minimizing the signs of aging and preventing damage to the skin’s barrier.

The following section will help determine which Starflower Naturals cleansing oil is right for you

If your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, has a dull appearance in the morning with noticeable lines, flakes and/or has rough patches chances are your skin’s pH is too high. Skin that is too alkaline fails to protect itself from UV rays, bacteria and harmful ingredients.

  • Starflower Naturals Jojoba Cleansing Oil will help balance out dry, sensitive skin.

If your skin is slightly oily after cleansing, has become sensitive to products once used in the past, or is excessively oily and prone to break outs then your skin’s pH level could be too low. A sensitive and irritation prone complexion is a sign of skin that is too acidic.

  • Using Starflower Naturals Lime & Bergamot Cleansing Oil on skin that is too acidic will help regulate sebum production and help eliminate blackheads and pimples.

If your skin feels smooth and soft after cleansing, is not irritated or inflamed and/or feels moist and dewy then your Skin’s pH is just right. pH balanced skin looks and feels healthy and is less likely to age prematurely.

  • Use Starflower Naturals Lavender Cleansing Oil to maintain healthy pH balanced skin.

How to use Starflower Naturals Cleansing Oils

Massage a pea sized amount into a warm damp face. Remove after 2 minutes with a warm damp cloth. That’s it! This product is concentrated so a little goes a long way.