Holistic Aromatherapy

What is Holistic Aromatherapy?

Holistic aromatherapy utilizes aromatic plant material (essential oil) to promote health and well-being. The use of aromatic plants traces back thousands of years across ancient civilizations.  Many countries such as China, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Iraq, Switzerland, Syria, Tibet and the United States have a history of using aromatic plants as part of their healing traditions and rituals.  In fact, the pharmacopoeia of ancient Egypt (circa 2800 BCE) perfected the art of aromatherapy. Their use of the gum resins, frankincense and myrrh, are an example of an aromatic essential oil synergy blend. Prescribed for the treatment of blood stagnation, inflammation and pain, both Egyptian and Chinese healers used this combination as it imposed, through observation, a greater therapeutic effect than each essential oil used on its own.  Recent research confirms this phenomenon often referred to as ‘synergy’.

The high priests used a well-known Egyptian perfume called kyphi, or kuphi.  This preparation was a mixture of sixteen ingredients with its main constituent’s calamus, cassia, cinnamon, peppermint, citronella, juniper, henna, myrrh and raisins.  The synergies of the chemical constituents in this blend were known to reduce anxiety by calming the nervous system and promoting a restful night’s sleep.  Our history of plants and their use in ritual practices, ceremonies, culinary applications and medicinal practice spans geographical areas and takes us back thousands of years.  There is an innate wisdom in Mother Nature that we can draw upon and utilize for our own benefit.

Essential oils are natural compounds derived from botanical material. They are chemically complex substances that, when used correctly, have the potential to provide relief from a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, tension, headaches, insomnia, low energy, pain and inflammation. These essences can be used synergistically to target specific clinical symptoms or to restore emotional and spiritual balance.

What Can I Expect During My Aromatherapy Consultation?

During your consultation, we will review your health history form and discuss your health and wellness goals. Once your consultation is complete, a custom treatment plan will be created that is unique to YOU and based on the symptoms you are looking for relief from.

As part of your treatment plan, you will receive between 3-5 different application methods. Methods of application may include a combination of inhalation, essential oil diffusing blends, creams, ointments, gels, and/or compresses (hot and/or cold). Photos below provide examples of what could be included in your treatment plan.

How to Schedule an Appointment

There are two methods to schedule an appointment with Starflower Naturals:
Send an email to starflowernaturals@shaw.ca requesting an appointment
Leave a message on Starflower Naturals website Contact Us page

Services and Rates

Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation

The following aromatherapy options are available for purchase on the Shop page of the website and include:

Option 1 – Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation with One Custom Blend – $65

This option includes a consultation as well one custom treatment plan blend. It is 60-90 minutes in length and as noted above, the treatment plan will include between 3-5 different methods of application depending on your personal needs. Refills are available and can be purchased separately. Refill price varies depending on application method (i.e., inhaler, ointment, essential oil diffusing blend etc.) but typically cost between $10 – $20 each. For example: if one of the treatment protocols you receive in your package is a specially formulated gel used to relieve muscle pain; this item can be refilled for a cost of $10 for a 60  ml container.

Option 2 – Distance Aromatherapy Consultation with One Custom Blend – $75

Option 2 takes place over the phone as opposed to in-person. It includes everything detailed in Option 1 above. Product shipping is included in the price.

Physiology Response

One of the physiological responses of both Holistic Aromatherapy and Healing Touch is to relax the body and regulate the immune system. The relaxation response releases endorphins in the brain, relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. Relaxed muscles create more space between cells providing increased circulation. This increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body. Accelerated blood flow allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently. Enzymes build for proper digestion and hormones regulate to strengthen the body’s constitution. Toxins are released from the body and healthy cells begin to regenerate. A sense of well-being is established which promotes healing. When our bodies have a stable physiology, our immune system is regulated. The resulting immune system stability affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of the body’s energy field – supporting self-healing.