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Healing Touch


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Energy Healing

Healing Touch is an energy healing therapy that enhances, supports and facilitates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Energy healing works with our Individual Energy Field (IEF) which penetrates and surround the body, as well as the energy centers within and beyond our physical body.

What can this Healing Modality do for me?

Energy healing is a complimentary therapy that supports your natural ability to heal, balance physical, mental and emotional well-being as well ease acute and chronic conditions. Some of the benefits of this healing modality include: reduction of pain, anxiety, stress, and depression; provides support during chemotherapy and radiation; strengthens and supports the immune system; reduces effects of trauma and chronic pain; as well enhances recovery from surgery.

Watch Healing Touch introductory videos by clicking on the links below:

Healing Touch Part 1

Healing Touch Part 2

How to Schedule an Appointment

There are two methods to schedule an appointment with Starflower Naturals:

Send an email to requesting an appointment


Leave a message on Starflower Naturals website Contact page

Services and Rates

Healing Touch Consultation

     Per-session*   $25/60 min

* Over the next twelve months I will be studying with a Qualified Healing Touch Mentor and Certified Practitioner towards the completion of the Healing Touch Apprentice Program. The price above reflects my reduced rate during this period. Once certified in the Healing Touch modality fees will increase to $85 per-session.

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