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Starflower Naturals Cleansing Oils and The Sebaceous Gland

This blog details the connection or link to the sebaceous gland and Starflower Naturals cleansing oils.

Exocrine glands produce and secrete substances through a duct to the surface of the body. Known as “glands of external secretion” exocrine glands include sweat, mammary, salivary, ceruminous, lacrimal, mucous and sebaceous. For the purpose of this blog, the focus will be on the sebaceous gland. Found everywhere on the body with the exception of the lower lip, palms of hands, soles of feet as well as the top, the sebaceous glands produce a chemical called sebum that moisturizes and protects our skin. Sebum reaches the surface of our skin via hair follicles. The Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology (Third Edition) describes sebum as being the “…natural skin detergent that gives the skin an amphiphilic wettability through the presence of free fatty acids and wax”.

Over active sebaceous glands tend to produce too much sebum. An accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells can clog pores producing bacterial infections that result in acne. On the other hand, when the sebaceous glands fail to produce enough sebum, dry skin that is prone to wrinkles, cuts and abrasions is the result.

So what does the sebaceous gland have to do with Starflower Naturals skincare products? The main ingredient in Starflower Naturals cleansing oil is jojoba oil. This wonderful oil was chosen to be the “star of the show” because of its profile. The chemical composition of jojoba oil closely matches that of our skins sebum. You have probably heard about the law of attraction and how “like attracts like”. This is the concept behind Starflower Naturals cleansing oil. Jojoba oil is a non-comeodogenic (will not clog pores) oil that penetrates our skin through hair follicles, binds with the dirty oils on our skin and is gently lifted away with a warm damp cloth. How awesome is that?! But wait, there’s more….if you have over active sebaceous glands that result in oily, acne prone skin – using jojoba oil to cleanse your skin will not only take the days dirt and grime off but will also help to regulate your skins sebum production. The opposite is true for those of you who have sebaceous glands that don’t produce enough sebum leaving you with tight, flaky and dry skin – using a cleansing oil that contains jojoba oil will moisturize and replenish your skin leaving it silky smooth and hydrated.


The benefits of cleansing with jojoba oil include decreased sensitivities, clearing of blackheads and blocked pores as well as a re-balance of our skin’s oil production. Try one of Starflower Naturals cleansing oils based on your skin type and start enjoying the benefits of healthy skin.

Oil cleansing is a natural skin care solution that will leave your skin looking and feeling wonderful. It will not strip your skin of the oils it requires to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Healthy skin is protected by environmental factors such as harsh chemicals, bacteria and pollutants. One method to help prevent premature aging and irritable skin conditions is through oil cleansing.

Obtaining or maintaining healthy skin does not have to be a complicated process. Following an oil cleansing routine will greatly improve your skin’s appearance and texture while minimizing the signs of aging and preventing damage to the skin’s barrier.


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