About Us

Quality handcrafted natural plant-based skincare

Starflower Naturals  skincare line of product are 100% natural and formulated using plant-based ingredients. All products are anhydrous (made without water) and do not contain any potentially harmful constituents. Removing water from the equation eliminates the need for preservatives, emulsifiers and/or stabilizers resulting in a pure, concentrated product. Only natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients such as plant butters, infused oils and plant essences are used when designing and formulating. This not only benefits your skin but contributes to a healthier tomorrow for our planet.

The word “natural” is not a defined standard in the cosmetic industry. It means different things to different people based on individual values, principles and beliefs. At Starflower Naturals, we use ingredients sourced from Mother Earth and not synthesized in a lab. We also believe in the Power of Simplicity. Using the experience and wisdom of time-honored beauty we return to a place in time where simple was divine. Understanding and knowing the ingredients you put on your skin brings peace of mind.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ and absorbs what we put on it. With this in mind, why would you use toxic and/or synthetic ingredients?

All of our products are created in small batches using ingredients that offer nutrients to benefit the skin. Sourcing and formulating in small quantities ensures freshness and quality. Nourish, protect and repair your skin using the science of carrier and essential oils. Starflower Naturals overall focus is on full-body health and wellness while creating a sustainable future.

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